Water Tanker Booking | Schedule Of Water Tankers | Water Tanker Booking Number | Water Tanker Online | Water Tanker Toll Free Number
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Water Tanker Booking | Schedule Of Water Tankers | Water Tanker Booking Number | Water Tanker Online

How To do water booking online? Schedule of water tankers? Water Tanker Booking Contact Number? water tanker toll-free number? Delhi Jal Board (DJB) tank booking? If you have these types of questions then this post is only for you.

Process of Getting Water Tanker Online.

What is Water Tanker Booking ?

Water Tanker Booking | Schedule Of Water Tankers | Water Tanker Booking Number | Water Tanker Online | DJB or delhi jal board
Water Tanker Booking | Schedule Of Water Tankers | Water Tanker Booking Number | Water Tanker Online | Water Tanker Toll Free Number

Water Tanker Booking process is a process in which you would hire a water tanker for you general purpose and you would pay some charges for that service to DJB(Delhi Jal Board) or any other state water supplier board for all services, water tanker has different types according to your different needs.

You see, there was an alarming report inPhysorg (dot) com recently titled; “India’s capital in water crisis after supplies cut – Large parts of New Delhi were struggling with acute water shortages on Friday after a neighboring state cut its supplies at the peak of summer, officials said,” published on June 15, 2012. The article stated; “The sprawling Indian funds, with a population of 16 million sweltering in 109.4 F summertime warmth, is based on four neighboring countries because of its own water — Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Uttarakhand.

How Water Tanker Booking Works ?

Water Tanker Booking is necessary for many works for example you can book a water tanker for marriage, birthday party or any devotional function, etc.

You can request for water tanker from delhi jal board because they have portable water supplies in water deficit areas through around 800 departments also you can hire water tankers from 25 emergency centres and they are located in different zones.

Some are the scenarios that occur for water tanker booking:-

  • One of the points is localities have no piped water connection, these are fix and predetermined points for localities, and all these points are selected through consultation with the local area representative.
  • If any breakdown happens or due to summer(when water demand is high) water supply affected than you have to right to request a water tanker.

How Many Types of Water Tanker DJB Manages ?

So, we will tell you that delhi jal board(DJB) manages three types of water tanker,and they are following types :-

  • Stainless Steel Tanker Which Has GPS Tracking System.

Delhi Jal Board Provides You One of The Best Water Tank, With Pure And Heiygine Water.

  • Tanker That You Can Hire.
  • And, Another One is Departmental Tanker.

World Water Crisis :-

Read About World Water Crisis Here.

Water Tanker Booking | Schedule Of Water Tankers | Water Tanker Booking Number | Water Tanker Online | DJB or delhi jal board
Water Tanker Booking | Schedule Of Water Tankers | Water Tanker Booking Number | Water Tanker Online | Water Tanker Toll Free Number

Why has nobody come up with a way to permanently supply water to those cities that have no constant water supply? I believe that there should be a way to bring a permanent water supply to countries that have no source of water to depend on. According to the problem, there is one solution that is request a water tanker online and also, finding a permanent water supply has to become a top priority for leaders of all nations. I would like to know if there is some way to pipe daily fresh water to these water-hungry nations? I believe this could be worked out if professional people were brought to work on this problem. I am not much of a professional plumber but I know that there is the piping that can be to pipe water that is desperately needed to these hot countries that have no long term water supply.

I know that this type of project would run into the billions of dollars to build. This is a worthwhile project to become involved in for companies that could achieve this. I think that a permanent water supply would help people in countries that need a permanent base for water. I believe that a major pipe project with a right size water supply pipe then you could branch of with a smaller pipe to supply villages separately. This project would take the need for water away from the driest countries that need water. There must be a way to permanently supply water for drinking and water to shower with. I believe that this would be the accomplishment of a life to supply water for growing fruits and vegetables to countries that have no natural food source.

DJB or delhi jal board
Water Tanker Booking | Schedule Of Water Tankers | Water Tanker Booking Number | Water Tanker Online | Water Tanker Toll Free Number

I know that if people can pipe oil all around the world there has to be the same kind of way to the water where is so desperately needed. I not only believe this can be done it must be the top priority to get started. How many oil pipers have a need for a job? This is a project worth all countries investing in to bring a permanent supply of water to places like South Africa and the Sudan countries. I believe that a pipeline could be set up in blueprint to show where and how to lay the pipe out. How many lives are lost every day that these people do not have a clean source of continuous clean water to meet their daily needs?

I believe that there are also short term answers to supplying water while permanent water lines are worked on. I know that companies build huge tankers that hold more than eight hundred thousand gallons of oil. Why are companies not building large water tankers to carry such large amounts of clean water to these heat ravaged countries? I believe that building a tanker like this with a filtration system to purify the water once it arrives? Can people even realize how much water could be supplied to these water-hungry countries?

DJB or delhi jal board
Water Tanker Booking | Schedule Of Water Tankers | Water Tanker Booking Number | Water Tanker Online | Water Tanker Toll Free Number

I believe that if this can be done with oil and gas there has to be away to do it for people who are crying out for clean water supply. I think the next question is will any government put up the money that is so badly needed to supply these people with clean water? So many of these people and their children die from a lack of clean water to even grow food.

I know this can be done the question is where are the billions of dollars needed going to come from? I hope that all countries will invest in this project short and long term to end the senseless daily death of so many people and their children. This is not simply an investment for a better future this is the answer to long term water supply for people who die every day. People pipe gas and oil for people to drive why not pipe water and tankers that will stop death? Water is needed more than gas and oil in these countries. There is no one simple answer to this problem I believe that this could be done short and long term.

This will be a worthwhile investment for governments of these countries that need this water to take help make their country better for their people now and in the future. Why not invest in bringing life back to these countries to grow their own food and have a fresh water supply that is needed?

I hope people will read this article and figure out how to get permanent water supply to these nations and stop the day to day death of so many.

Here Are Some Area wise Water Tanker Booking Number For References

Also, You Can Check These On DJB’s Website too.

North West (I)Karala01127924132, 01127915531
North West (I)Mangolpuri01127924132, 01127915531
North West (II)Holambi01127700789
North West (II)Avantika01127700789
North West (II)Sector - 701127700789
North West (II)Sector - 1701127700789
North West (III)Ashok Vihar01127304656
West (I)Shivaji Enclave01125193140, 01125174140
West (II)Punjabi Bagh01125221181, 01125222400
West (III)Paschim Vihar01125274679, 01125275259
South (I)ChattarPur9911730133
South (I)Vasant Kunj01126137216
South West (I)JanakPuri D-Block01128525659, 01128524334
South West (I)Daulatpur01128525659, 01128524334
East (I)Mandawali01122727812
North (I)Burari01127619244, 01127617609
Central (I)Chandrawal01123814338, 01123810930

Delhi Jal Board Contact Details

Office TypePublic Relations Office
Office Address Room No.306, 3rd Floor, Varunalaya Ph-II, Jhandewalan, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005
E-Mail Address [email protected]


(TOLL FREE)1916 also mail to [email protected]
PHONE (1)011-23538495
PHONE (2)011-23634469
MOBILE(+91) 9650291021

Factors Attributing to Water Scarcity

Climate Change

The major cause that contributes to the water woes facing a number of cities in the world is the change in the weather pattern. As a result, its availability from rains has come down.


The plants and trees are necessary for the cooling of clouds and precipitation of water droplets. The humus created by the falling leaves around the trees and plants can keep the liquid at one place and prevent its loss. Despite this knowledge, we have been mercilessly downing the trees in the name of development. The forest and areas under agricultural cover are slowly giving rise to the high-rise buildings. So, water has no place to go.

No Natural Faults

Even if it rains, there is no provision for storing water as there are no underground faults in some regions to let it seep in. There should be natural faults under the ground to let this liquid percolate the rocks to reach the underground storage. Unfortunately, many cities in the world don’t have such naturally occurring faults to help this precious liquid reach the ground storage underneath the earth’s surface.

No Rainwater Harvesting

Some cities have made it a norm to approve the new buildings only when they include the provision for rainwater harvesting. Unfortunately, many cities across the world have never thought of this solution. This has led to the loss of precious water after rains to the canals that are rarely maintained.


The water-scarce cities have given rise to a new form of business called water tanker business. This business thrives heavily by over-exploiting the water resources from nearby villages. Over a few months, the water table of the exploited area comes down drastically. However, the tanker mafia would go in search of new avenues and continue their businesses.

Uncontrolled and Unplanned Real Estate Growth

Due to uncontrolled growth in the construction businesses, the need for new wells have come into existence. If more wells are dug in the same locality, the water level in the existing wells goes down and they dry up quite easily during the summer. This, in turn, has spurred the growth of tanker businesses in many cities.

Contamination of Existing Water Sources

Due to the rapid industrialization, the water table underneath the ground is slowly getting polluted, creating a demand for more liquid from other sources. In turn, this has given rise to the need for more wells elsewhere to keep up with the growing water demand.

Other Forms of Exploitation

People tend to use precious water for cleaning their vehicles, watering plants, and even washing the house. Doing this kind of activity takes more water than what we think.

World Water Crisis :-

Read About World Water Crisis Here.

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