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How To do water booking online ? Schedule of water tankers ? Water Tanker Booking Contact Number ? water tanker toll free number ? Delhi jal board (DJB) tank booking ? If you have these type of questions than this post is only for you.

Process of Getting Water tanker online. 

no water reservoir source storage of water whenever you have shortage of water or there is shortage of water supply then people look to obtain some other source for seeking the water if their water tank are empty. Delhi Jal board (DJB) this service is one way out that helps Delhites in fulfilling the need of water.

If you are known about the water tanker booking, then this post have the essential information for you.

So, here you can check the area where DJB Provides the water tanker booking service.

How To Book Water Tankers ? water tanker booking? Schedule of water tankers? Water Tank Booking Contact Number ? water tanker booking toll free number ? Delhi jal board (DJB) water tank booking ?
Here are areas where DJB Schedule of water tankers. Delhi jal board (DJB) water tanker booking main areas.

They actually supplies potable water in water deficit areas through around 800 department and hired water tankers from 25 emergency centers in different zones in Delhi under the some scenarios.

They have best quality water tank and they maintain hygiene for better delivery of drinking water.

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A Hygiene Water Tanker

They manages three type of water tankers :-

  1. Departmental Tanker
  2. Hired Tanker
  3. GPS Enabled SS(Stainless Steel) Tanker

In the localities where there is no water pipe connection or water reservoir, or Based on the short water supply which mainly happened because of extra demand in summer season or due to the major breakdown also these type of information they stored in server for fast action. They Provide water tanker booking. Here are some, Water Tanker Booking Number but we exactly do not know these are water tanker toll free number or not, but you can contact them easily. Otherwise you can simply go to your nearest office regarding this problem for fast action.

Here are some Area wise contact number for references also you can check these on DJB’s website too :-

NORTH WEST-I        (Karala)01127924132, 01127915531
NORTH WEST-I  (Mangolpuri)01127924132, 01127915531
NORTH WEST-II  (Holambi)1127700789
NORTH WEST-II  (Avantika)1127700789
NORTH WEST-II        (Sector-7)1127700789
NORTH WEST-II       (Sector-17)1127700789
NORTH WEST-III       (Ashok Vihar)1127304656
WEST-I                         (Shivaji Enclave)01125193140, 01125174140
WEST-II                           (Punjabi Bagh) 01125221181, 01125222400
WEST-III                       (PASCHIM VIHAR)01125274679, 01125275259
NORTH-I                            (Burari)01127619244, 01127617609
CENTRAL-I (CHANDRAWAL)01123814338, 01123810930
EAST-I                  (MANDAWALI)1122727812
SOUTH-I                 (CHATTARPUR)9911730133
SOUTH-I                  (VASANTKUNJ) 01126137216
SOUTH WEST-I                    (D BLOCK JANAKPURI)01128525659, 01128524334
SOUTH WEST-I (DAULATPUR)01128525659, 01128524334

In order get done with the tanker booking, acquire quick information available water tanker online at the official website. You can opt for making online bookings for ease.

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